Property provides investors with a tangible asset, and unlike stock markets and shares, which can be a gamble, you have more control with property and with record levels of population growth, the housing supply is at a 100-year low, resulting in a strong demand for quality housing. Income can be produced through two main strategies: passive monthly income through rental returns, or lump sums of capital through resale. Different areas and properties will suit different strategies, and PSA provide opportunities for both. Many investors prefer to mix property strategies, as the lump sum created from one deal can be used to fund other income producing assets. There is an alternative third option available to investors who wish to earn a passive income, without owning property or becoming a landlord. PSA Directors, Natalie and Andrew, offer easy opportunities for investors to angel fund their own projects, that give better returns than any of the high street banks. This is a great short-term win-win approach that doesn’t tie up your investment pot.


A method used to put your chosen strategy onto action, and there are several options to choose from to help achieve the strategy outcome you require. The three most common methods are buy to lets, HMOs and flips. We do offer more complex options, such as commercial mixed use, holiday lets, and serviced accommodation, however these are more suitable for experience investors and are happy to discuss